Where Would we be Without Authors?

London Book Fair 2015
London Book Fair 2015

It’s the final day of London Book Fair. I managed two days out of the three before I thought, enough.

It’s often said book fairs are not for authors – like lambs visiting a slaughterhouse – and best avoided. However, this is the third year I’ve visited and it is changing.

‘Effective PR and Marketing’, ‘5 Ways to Supercharge your eBook sales’, and ‘The Principles of Successful Book Cover Design’ were just three of the many useful seminars on offer.

Alongside author interviews such as Ali Smith who was inspiring, and Conchita Wurst (Eurovision winner) who was entertaining but irritating because: a) I was expecting a seminar full of tips about writing non-fiction, b) her autobiography is ghostwritten, and c) she’s not into books, and only reads “the Vogue”.

Conchita Wurst at LBF 2015Thankfully there were also interesting panel discussions including established talents such as author Melvin Burgess, and his charismatic publisher Klaus Flugge, founder of Andersen Press.

‘Where would we be without authors?’ he said. ‘Publishers are just midwives.’

One thought on “Where Would we be Without Authors?

  1. London Bookfair is the same for editors. The heaving shelves of millions of new titles make me feel – what’s the point? There are already so many books out there… And you can’t even say hello to old friends because the stands are taken up with wall-to-wall marketing and sales meetings. All the people involved have been up since 6am and are shaking with caffeine and a mixture of adrenaline, exhaustion and boredom. It’s hot, there’s no natural lighting – just the glare of fluorescent tubes, and way, way too many people. I’m not going again. HOWEVER!! There’s still room for the next prose sensation, and the next creative genius. I love books, just not bookfairs. x

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